Folding Bikes – Spring is nearly here

We are in a new year and it will not be too long before the weather starts to warm. What better way to enjoy the spring weather than by cycling! Be prepared this spring by treating yourself to a brand new folding bike.

Folding bikes can help you enjoy the outdoors

Cycling is a great way of keeping fit and as the warmer weather begins in the UK more and more people will be using folding bikes UK-wide to explore the environment around them. Cycling helps to increase your heart rate and burn fat whilst building muscle and there is no better feeling than that of fresh air in your lungs as you cycle around your local park or woodland.

A folding bike is the perfect way to do this too as it has the reliability of a normal bike with the added convenience of being perfectly portable. Once you have finished riding you can fold your bike up to a manageable size and carry it with you wherever you go. Folding bikes can be taken on public transport or into your place of work where it can be easily stored.

Folding bikes for sale

Foldingbikes4u has a wide range of folding bikes for sale at great prices. We also offer fast delivery and a seven day return policy so you can look at the bike in person to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

It has never been easier to get a cheap folding bike and prices start at just £129.99 on our website. With the aid of your new folding bike you will be exploring your local area in no time and getting fit in the process. Spring is a wonderful time of year and, with your new folding bike at the ready, you will be ready to enjoy it too!

Folding Bikes; the perfect New Year’s Resolution tool – 06/01/12

It’s a new year, and with it comes a new set of resolutions. Are you looking to get fit and exercise more? Lose weight? Or just get out and see some more of the countryside? Whatever your answer is to these questions then a folding bike could be the perfect tool for you.

New Year’s Resolution

Your New Year’s Resolution can be helped by having a folding bike. Folding bikes are reliable and easy to use and cycling is a great way to get fit. Cycling uses a lot of your core muscles, raises the heart rate and burns fat so you build muscle, lose fat and get healthier.

The best part about a folding bike is that once you have finished using it, it can be folded to a manageable size and carried onto public transport or stored in the boot of your car. This makes it easier than ever to get out into the countryside and see what the UK has to offer.

Folding bikes for sale

At Foldingbikes4u we have a great range of folding bikes for sale and the bikes can be tailored to suit you. For example, our 20” Folding Mountain Bike is perfect for countryside cycling whilst our 16” Folding Bikes are great for all terrains and perfect for cycling to work. Our website has a number of cheap folding bikes and you will soon see that a folding bike is just as cheap as a regular bike, but far more handy!

Folding bikes UK-wide are being used by people to get out and about and get fit. Take a look at our website today to see all of the special offers we currently have on our folding bikes. Most importantly, have a Happy New Year and good luck with your New Year’s Resolution, whatever it may be!


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