Happy New Year from Folding Bikes 4U

2012 is almost upon us so at Foldingbikes4u we want to be amongst the first to wish you a happy New Year. For most of us another year means another New Year’s Resolution, and we believe that this resolution should include a folding bike!

New Year’s Resolution

Many of us choose the New Year as a time to lose weight and get a little fitter and what better way to do so than with a new folding bike. Folding bikes UK wide are being used by more and more people to go outside and enjoy some exercise while seeing more of the countryside around them.

Cycling is a great way of toning muscle and burning fat and will help you to lose weight and feel healthier. The best thing about a folding bike is that it will allow you to do all of this with the added convenience of being able to be folded away and stored safely once you are finished.

Folding bikes are reliable

It is a common misconception that folding bikes are unreliable. They are sturdy and well made with the added benefit of being portable. They can be stored in a cupboard or even folded up and taken into your place of work or study so that you do not have to leave it outside. This makes it a safer and more sensible way to travel to work as you will get exercise and do not have to risk leaving your bike anywhere that it may be stolen.

Folding bikes for sale

At Foldingbikes4u we have a wide range of cheap folding bikes for you to choose from, and bikes to suit every need! There are mountain bikes for off-road riding and bikes more suitable for riding on roads. For more information about our range of folding bikes, have a look at the folding bikes for sale on our website!

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