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16″ Folding Bikes

At Folding Bikes 4u we offer the very best 16″ Folding Bicycles your money can buy at the price we offer. 16″ Folding Bikes are the most compact type of fold up bicycle available for sale. The 16″ Folding Bike is perfect for short commutes or camping holidays where saving space is most important. A lot of people buy a 16″ Folding Bike to take on their caravan because once the bike is folded they take up little space. 16 inch wheel folding bikes also fit nicely in the boot of a car making them the ideal bicycle if you fancy driving to a place with a bit of scenery for a bicycle ride. Our aim at Folding bikes 4u is to source high quality 16″ Folding Bikes and offer them for sale online at an unbeatable price. There are many cheap 16″ folding bikes for sale online but you really need to be careful of which ones you buy. The cheapest of cheap 16″ Fold up Bicycles are really bad quality so you risk experiencing many unwanted problems. it is sensible to pay £120 and above for 16″ folding bicycles if you want them to last more than 6 months. 16″ Fold away bicycles costing £120 and above are made using higher quality components so they will fold better, have smoother gear changing and the moving parts will last longer. At Folding Bikes 4U our 16″ Folding Bikes will last you many miles and you are also covered by our 12 month warranty which should give you peace of mind when purchasing one of our 16′ folding bikes online. Riding a 16″ Folding bike feels very different to larger wheeled folding bikes. 16-inch wheel fold up bicycles feel less stable and rather twitchy. They are also a bit slower than a 20″ Folding Bike, 24″ Folding Bike and 26″ Folding Mountain Bikes due to the small 16″ wheels. The small wheels are also less forgiving when riding over bumpy terrain so you will definitely feel the occasional pothole. You must remember that 16″ folding bikes are the best option if your require folding bikes that take up as little space as possible. They are not the most comfortable choice for long commutes but if your deciding factor is based on storage space then the 16″ Folding Bike will be a winner. It will still get you from A to B without problems but for longer distances we recommend a 20″ Folding Bike. 

20″ Folding Bikes and 20″ Folding Mountain Bikes at Folding Bikes 4U

At Folding Bikes 4U we have available to buy 20″ Folding bikes & 20″ Folding Mountain bikes. Our 20″ Fold up Bikes are made from alloy construction to reduce weight. 20″ Foldaway bikes are best for longer commutes and cycle rides. A standard 20″ Folding Bike has no suspension because it is mainly used for urban commuting. Our 20″ Folding Mountain Bike comes with dual suspension so it can go off road. The 20″ Off Road Folding Bike we offer can also be used for urban commutes. They are really built for all terrain types. The Dual Suspension will soften up bumps in the road resulting in a more comfortable ride. 20″ Folding Mountain Bikes are heavy duty machines so are not the lightest of folding bikes. If you are not planning to go off road the standard 20″ Folding Bike is your best option because they are faster and light weight. The quality of our chosen 20″ Folding Bike is excellent. They are built to last and the folding mechanism on the 20″ Folding Bike is smooth and easy to use. Our standard 20″ Folding Bicycle also comes with a free carry bag to help carry the 20-inch fold up bicycle on and off trains or buses. If you are looking for an all-round 20″ Folding Bike then the 20″ Folding Mountain Bike is your best option. If you want a Folding Bike that can handle longer journeys with comfort and speed then a 20″ Folding Bike is the best choice. Combined with the Folding Bikes 4U 12 Month peace of mind folding bike warranty you can be sure that you will be getting a quality 20″ Folding Bicycle when you buy your 20″ Fold Away Bicycle Online.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]