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Folding Bikes; the common misconceptions

When shopping for a new bike there are many factors that are taken into consideration such as price and reliability and a folding bike may be discarded as an option due to some common misconceptions about folding bikes.

As stated in our last blog, Foldingbikes4u wants to guide its customers by helping them to be as informed about folding bikes as possible. Here are the answers to some common misconceptions regarding folding bikes.

1. Folding bikes are more expensive than regular bikes.

As you can see from our website, Foldingbikes4u has a variety of folding bikes for sale, most of which beat or match the price of regular bikes. It the current market, folding bikes are an affordable mode of transport that affords riders comfort and reliability at a very reasonable price. A price comparison between folding bikes and regular bikes on most websites will show parity between both products in regards to pricing. However, folding bikes are much more practical as they offer transportation that is easily storable and perfectly portable.

2. Folding bikes are less reliable and sturdy than normal bikes.

Folding bikes are expertly made to ensure quality and website reviews of folding bikes has proved that folding bikes are just as reliable as regular bikes. It is thought that folding bikes are less sturdy due to the joins and folds of the bike but Foldingbikes4u offers bikes made by the best manufacturers, with the best materials, to ensure quality and offer a sturdy and reliable mode of transportation. In fact, Foldingbikes4u is so sure of the quality that we offer a seven day money back guarantee. If you do not like the bike, simply return it within seven days and get your money back. We are confident that you will not want to give the bike back once you receive it though as the bikes are affordable, reliable and well made to offer a unique and practical ride.

Many consumers are now purchasing folding bikes UK wide as opposed to regular bikes as they are just as dependable as regular bikes but much easier to store and carry when it is not needed. Take a look at our wide range of products for more information about the different kinds of folding bike on offer; you will not be disappointed with the price or the quality!

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