Folding Bikes – Christmas is just round the corner!

It is now only four weeks to Christmas and we want to make sure that you are prepared with the perfect Christmas gift this year; a folding bike. Whether you are looking for aChristmas gift for him or a Christmas gift for her – we believe that a folding bike could be the perfect present – and here is why… Affordable A cheap folding bike is easier to find than you may think! A quick browse of the Folding bikes 4u website will show you that a folding bike need not cost any more money than a regular bike. Our folding bikes start from as little as £129.00, a perfect price for a Christmas treat for someone you love. Not only are folding bikes cheap to buy but they will also save you money if you use the bike to get to work, school or university. By riding to work you will be helping the environment, getting fit and avoiding spiralling public transport and petrol costs. The bike could pay for itself in no time. Safe and practical It is a common misconception that folding bikes are less reliable than regular bikes. However this is not true at all, the folding bikes for sale on our website have all been tested for safety and are just as safe and reliable as regular bikes. But folding bikes have the added bonus of being compact and practical to store and transport. Once you have finished riding the bike you can simply fold it up and carry it into your work or university or stow it in the boot of your car. Our special offers As you can see from our website, there are several price reductions and special offers for folding bike UK customers that you can take advantage of. If you order now, your bike will be delivered in time for Christmas day. The perfect present, and a brand new bike need not cost the earth and by taking advantage of our special offers you can be sure that your loved one will have a Christmas to remember with the gift of a new folding bike.

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