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Tried a Brompton P-Line folding bike - The Times Hub

Tried a Brompton P-Line folding bike – The Times Hub

December 5, 2021

ATwo and a half kilograms more or less are not a cardboard stick for a bicycle, especially if it is a bicycle that, when used as intended, is often lifted, folded and unfolded and also pushed. The manufacturer Brompton attests exactly this weight advantage of 1500 grams to its new P-Line. The bike is not only lighter, it has also been revised in a number of areas that are immediately recognizable.

For a manufacturer that has been building one and the same bike for decades, and admittedly in a variety of variants, and doing this extremely successfully, is like a small revolution. The Brompton Superlight, which is now being replaced by the P-Line, was presented in 2005.

A rear swing arm made of titanium has been redesigned for the P-Line. This was the material of choice for the Superlight models in order to save weight, while the frame, apart from the titanium fork, consists of drawn steel tubes that are mostly soldered by hand. In addition to the advantage of its lower weight, titanium has the pleasant property of increasing comfort – thanks to greater elastic resilience. The new rear triangle is easy to recognize by the larger rollers that are used to push the folded bike and the different shape of the suspension block. It is easy to believe that a P-Line can be pushed more easily on the 54-millimeter rollers.

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Brompton Faltrad P-Line

A new detail of the long seat post made of CrMo steel, which also allows someone with an inner leg length of 84 centimeters (33 inches) to find a sitting position on the Brompton like on a bicycle with larger wheels, has a supporting effect. The seat post is in a middle position when it is pushed in, which gives you the saddle comfortably in your hand: as a handle to push or pull the folded P-Line across the platform to the ICE.

The saddle is also a lightweight component with CrMo struts and carbon substructure, light padding and a molded handle. After all, anyone who folds and pushes has to lift their rolling luggage over two or three steps. According to the information on the brochure paper, 9.65 kilograms are moved. However, this is a completely theoretical value, because you complete your own folding bike with this or that accessory. The wheels also want to be lightweight, with light rims and DD spokes. This is complemented by conventional tire technology in the dimensions 349 × 35C, which is primarily designed to be puncture-proof.

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The most important innovation of the P-Line is visually quite inconspicuous: The bicycles now have a four-speed gearshift. The usual voluminous 50-tooth chainring at the front controls four sprockets with 11, 13, 15 and 18 teeth at the rear. Typical for Brompton is again: What the gearshift looks like is the newly designed chain tensioner, the actual derailleur sits behind it and a patent has been applied for.

The rear derailleur eye is interchangeable, by the way. Braking is carried out on the rim as usual, a pedal can also be folded in, and the lighting is powered by batteries. When folded, the result is a compact package of 645 × 585 × 270 millimeters in height, width and depth. The prices for P-Line models start at 2550 euros. Brompton remains Brompton.

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