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Just try to cut through this heavy-duty folding bike lock - SFGate

The Foldylock folding bike lock is on sale at Amazon –

Whether you’re truckin’ along to work on your single-speed bike or aimlessly pedaling around your beach cruiser, a solid bike lock is 100% necessary. Made from hardened steel, this FoldyLock Classic Folding Bike Lock ($79.99) offers impenetrable bike security against the sneakiest bike thieves.

Foldable and easy to carry, FoldyLock uses patented rivet-protection technology to fortify vulnerable areas, foiling the most common attempts of theft without the bulk or weight of other heavy-duty locks.

Impervious to hacksaws, bolt cutters, and even liquid nitrogen, this durable bike lock has been stress-tested to the enth degree. Lightweight and ridiculously easy to install, the FoldyLock comes from award-winning bike lock designers/manufacturers, SeatyLock; a testament to its strength and dependability.

Designed to seamlessly attach onto your bike without any excess rattling, the FoldyLock offers both peace and quiet and peace of mind.

Bolt cutters and hacksaws are no match for the impenetrable power of the FoldyLock Classic Folding Bike Lock ($79.99)