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Non-folding bikes are now allowed on Jakarta's MRT - Coconuts Jakarta

Non-folding bikes are now allowed on Jakarta’s MRT – Coconuts Jakarta

Starting today, MRT Jakarta passengers can bring their regular, non-folding bikes on board the train, though there are still limitations to the new rule.

Under the rule, riders must hold their bikes upright according to the floor markers, which are spread out to ensure enough space for social distancing adherence. The bikes must not exceed dimensions of 200 cm x 120 cm x 55 cm and the wheels must not exceed 15 cm in width.

Regular bikes can only be brought onboard on working days, with the exception of the designated rush hours of 7am-9am and 5pm-7pm. Carriages three and four of every train are still reserved for passengers in wheelchairs.

At the moment, passengers bringing their regular bikes can only depart and/or alight from three major stations, namely Lebak Bulus, Blok M BCA, and Bundaran HI. Those stations feature specialized ramps to wheel bikes up the stairs.

Previously, only folding bikes 70cm x 48 cm or smaller when folded were allowed on board.

Governor Anies Baswedan and Vice Governor Ahmad Riza “Ariza” Patria tried out the new facility this morning by carrying their bikes on the MRT, sharing the experience in a series of stories on Instagram.

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