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Cheap folding bikes: 7 to buy in 2020 -

Cheap folding bikes: 7 to buy in 2020 –

A foldable bike gives you the flexibility to use busy public transport, including trains, and store a bike under your desk or in cramped living spaces. This is a big plus when it comes to bike security, too.

If you’re a commuter, city dweller or simply want an easy run-around that doesn’t take up much space, look no further.

Cheap folding bikes: 7 of our favourites

  • Challenge Holborn folding bike: £129.99
  • Challenge Beacon folding bike: £129.99
  • Cross CRF300 men’s folding bike: £149.99
  • Raleigh Evo-2 folding bike: £275
  • Compass Northern folding bike: £234
  • Viking Metropolis folding bike: £199.99
  • B’Twin Tilt 120 folding bike: £199.99

Wondering what size road bike you need? Or looking for nifty ideas for storing your bike indoors? We’ve got you covered.

Challenge Holborn folding bike

A folding commuter bike with a 6-speed Shimano groupset. Argos

  • Folded dimensions: (H) 60.5 x (D) 84cm x (W) 32cm
  • Wheel size: 20in
  • Claimed weight: 14.5kg

Despite its steel frame (which hinges at the middle) and all the trimmings of a standard commuter bike, Challenge’s Holborn folding bike only weighs in at a claimed 14.5kg – a relatively lightweight option at this price.

Front and rear mudguards are included, as is a quick-release seat clamp for easily adjusting height, and the pedals also fold away. A 6-speed Shimano groupset should give enough range to tackle hilly terrain.

You forfeit a pannier rack for carrying bags but, if not essential to you, this is one cheap folding bike to consider.

Challenge Beacon folding bike

Cheap folding bikes

A mountain bike in a folding package. Argos

  • Folded dimensions: (H) 73.5cm x (D) 96cm x (W) 32cm
  • Wheel size: 26in
  • Claimed weight: No information provided

Claimed to offer the qualities of a mountain bike, the Challenge Beacon should be suitable for commuting as well as taking on light holiday trail adventures. The bike has 18 Shimano gears to switch between, which is more than your average foldable bike.

Front suspension and mountain bike ‘style’ tyres also make it more suitable for rougher terrain than tarmac. If you’re not keen on roof racks, the foldable design would enable you to transport and store the bike inside a car.

Cross CRF300 folding bike

Cheap folding bikes

With 7-speed Shimano gears, this Cross offers more than many other folding bikes. Argos

  • Folded dimensions: (H) 55cm x (D) 45cm x  (W) 35cm
  • Wheel size: 20in
  • Claimed weight: 14.1kg

The ‘city style’ tyres of the Cross CRF300 mean it’s most suited to urban riding and tarmac routes. It has 7-speed Shimano gears (unlike most, which have six) and looks to be reasonably lightweight, thanks to an alloy frame and rims.

When dismantled, the seat drops down and the handlebars fold inwards, along with the pedals and frame itself. There are front and rear metal mudguards, but they’re unlikely to stay white for long.

Raleigh Evo-2 folding bike

Cheap folding bikes

Puncture-protected tyres are a good boast. Halfords

  • Folded dimensions: (H) 65cm x (D) 90cm x (W) 45cm
  • Wheel size: 20in
  • Claimed weight: 16kg

Although weightier than others on this list, the Raleigh has a few extra features to boast that should boost its practicality. Its 20in tyres are puncture protected, useful for city riding.

Its handlebars and pedals both fold to help reduce its footprint when packed down and a little kickstand has been added. The metal pannier rack for supporting bags above the back wheel is also a nice touch.

Compass Northern folding bike

Cheap folding bikes

Mudguards and a luggage rack are both included with the Compass Northern. Go Outdoors

  • Folded dimensions: NO information given
  • Wheel size: 20in
  • Claimed weight: 16kg

One of the first things you notice about the Compass Northern bike is its brighter design to others. Structurally, the steel frame is a low one to step over which should make mounting and dismounting easy.

The actual dimensions of the bike when folded are not provided, but it’s claimed to become a manageable size for fitting in car boots and small storage spaces. Mudguards and a luggage rack are both included.

Viking Metropolis folding bike

Cheap folding bikes

Full length mudguards should help protect your back from mud splatters. Argos

  • Folded dimensions: (H) 32in x (D) 21in x (W) 24in
  • Wheel size: 20in
  • Claimed weight: 16kg

The Viking Metropolis is a sleek-looking folding bike, built around a steel frame, a folding handlebar stem and pedals, alloy rims and 20in x 1.75in city tyres. Its rear luggage rack comes with straps for securing your bags and, like the Raleigh, it also has a small stand.

Full length mudguards should offer your back and luggage some protection against dirty splats along the route. Its Shimano 6-speed gearing is thumb controlled to help with intuitive shifting as you navigate around your routes.

B’Twin Tilt 120 folding bike

Cheap folding bikes

Front and rear battery-powered lights are included. Decathlon

  • Folded dimensions: (H) 66cm x (D) 78cm x (W) 36cm
  • Wheel size: 20in
  • Claimed weight: 14.5kg

The design of this B’Twin is claimed to take just 30 seconds to fold and unfold, and features a handy wheel restraint making it easier to carry and store the folded bike. A nice feature is the bike stand at the base for storing upright.

A grip gear shifter should make it nice and simple to switch between the bike’s six gears and front and rear battery-powered lights are included as standard.

There’s also a lifetime warranty on the steel frame, stem, rigid fork and handlebars (excluding the hinge), so you get some peace of mind despite the low price.

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