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VKEKIEO 26" Cruiser Bike

Bike-to-Work Day 2022: Cruisers, road, and folding bikes for under $200 –

Here’s a fun fact for you: no one really knows how many bikes there are in world, but there’s an estimate for it to be somewhere around 1 billion according to Bicycle Guider. That means that 1 billion people can ride their bike to work on Friday, May 20!

Bike-to-work day is a quirky holiday that helps you move around and enjoy some good, fresh air. Plus, you won’t be stuck in traffic or pay the high gas prices either. Here are some of our favorite cruisers, road, and folding bikes under $200:

VKEKIEO 26″ Cruiser Bike | Amazon

Cruiser Bikes

Have you noticed that old trends are making a comeback? This VKEKIEO 26″ Cruiser Bike has a comfortable seat and wide handlebars that are great for long leisurely rides. If you’re carrying a work bag, a laptop, or anything you might need for work, the cruiser has a basket in the front for safe keeping. With a current price of $169.88, you can go to work in style.

The Kent 29″ Cruiser Bike is an all-black beauty. The comfy seat is an ideal arrangement for long adventures and even better to ride to work on. For $148, this aesthetically pleasing bike is functional and within budget.

To celebrate Bike-to-Work day, Huffy is celebrating Bike Month with a sale for $50 off bikes $199+. With code BIKEMONTH50, check out the Carlisle Cruise Bike for $139.99. You can easily customize the bike to fit your height and the seat is a padded spring saddle.

Hurley Urban Road Bike | Amazon

Hurley Urban Road Bike | Amazon

Road Bikes

For $149.99, consider the Hurley Urban Road Bike to fulfill your commuting dreams. It has a simple speed drive train and has Kenda 28C tires built for urban riding. This bike is also lightweight so you can carry and ride it anywhere.

The Kent 700c RoadTech is another great budget friendly option. This $169 bike requires less energy expenditure to get up to speed and keep moving. RoadTech also comes with a steel road bike frame that has a sleek appearance. You can change the gearing speed to any of its 21 offers to make your commute comforable.

If you’re still looking for an affordable but durable road bike, check out the YUEBM Road Bike for $199. This bike is made to last because of its high-strength and high-carbon steel frame. The elastic saddle is filled with soft memory foam and the leather is non-slip, water-resistant, breathable so you can have a comfortable ride.

Goplus 20

Goplus 20″ Folding Bike | Amazon

Folding bikes is a great option if you have limited space and would like to take your bike everywhere (even planes!). The Goplus 20″ Folding Bike stands at $199.99 and comes with many reasons why you should consider purchasing. The foldable compact bike is anti-skid, wear-resistant, and the shifting handle allows you to easily change speed as needed. Plus, the folding process can be easily done with just three steps.

For $189.89, the Xinqinghao Folding Bike Commuter is another popular bike that Amazon offers for an affordable price. It’s a road bike, folding bike, and everything you’re commuting dreams are looing for. The advanced shock feature will keep you from bumping on steep sections or unruly roads.