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12 Best Folding Bikes Of 2021 For Commuting And City Riding - Women's Health

12 Best Folding Bikes Of 2021 For Commuting And City Riding – Women’s Health

Christine Giordano

Biking is your ticket to getting pretty much anywhere local without sitting in traffic or spending precious time walking at any time of day. (It’s also a heckuva good workout.) Thing is, bikes are kinda bulky and can be a bit of a pain to store—especially if you live in a city or are short on space. Luckily, folding bikes are here to save the day and get you cruising around on two wheels, no matter how small your living space is.

Honestly, these bikes are pure genius. In case you’re not familiar with folding bikes, they work the same way any bike does (ya know, wheels, pedals, handlebars) but just so happen to fold up to be super compact so that you can store them easily when you’re not whirring around. You can toss most folding bikes into the trunk of your car or stow them in your hall closet. Heck, you can even fold these things up and carry them onto the bus, subway, or train.

Basically, folding bikes are super versatile—and made to make biking convenient-as-can-be.

Want one? SAME. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the perfect folding bike for you, though:

  • Size. Taller people need bigger bikes, while smaller people need smaller frames. It’s that simple. Check out the sizing guide for any set of wheels before taking it out for a spin.
  • Weight. Whether you’re planning to carry your folding bike up sets of stairs or hoist it into your trunk, make sure you can actually lift it. Some are heavier than others!
  • Purpose. Just like other bikes, folding bikes are designed for a range of purposes, including road and trail riding. Figure out what you’ll use yours for in advance and choose wisely.
  • Added features. An electric folding bike, for example, can give you added power when you need it, so consider if you want to splurge on any extra perks. (Hills are no joke, I get it.)

With alllll of that in mind, here are the best folding bikes you can buy right now. Each has earned top marks by reviewers who actually own it, so you know it’s legit. Just don’t wait too long to decide on the right bike for you; folding bikes are ~hugely~ popular right now, so they won’t stay in stock forever.

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Best Built-In Storage

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

Schwinn’s Loop is a favorite amongst just about everyone thanks to its solid price tag. Designed to be adjustable to fit anyone who’s between just under 5 feet to those up to 6 feet 2 inches tall, it’s also a really versatile set of wheels. And with seven gears, you can pedal along through all sorts of inclines with ease.

Another perk? This bike has a cargo platform on top of the back wheel and includes a detachable nylon bag, so you can easily stash your work gear or anything else you want to transport with you.

The only con reviewers mentioned is that, at 33 pounds, this bike isn’t the most lightweight option out there.

Reviewer rave: “Love, love my Schwinn Loop. It is geared favorably for getting up hills, has a huge and strong cargo platform that adds a lot of utility, and has excellent brakes. It also comes with extras like fenders that make riding a lot more pleasant at a very high-value price point.”


Best Folding System

EuroMini ZiZZO 2019 Field

Sure, all folding bikes fold up (because, hello), but the EuroMini compacts up at lightning speed and is super easy to carry once folded. You can thank that ease of use to its single-fold stem, folding pedals, and magnets that hold the folded frame together when it’s time to carry the thing around.

The bike also features seven speeds and multi-terrain tires. Overall, it’s a quick, simple win.

Reviewer rave: “The coolest thing about this bike how small it folds up. We don’t have a lot of room to store a bike, so that was one of the factors for purchasing a folding bike. It folds down to about the size of a carry-on bag and is much lighter than one, too! It fits in the back of the trunk no problem and I can lift it in with ease.”

  • Easy to fold and keep folded
  • Not everyone loves the handlebars


Best for Preventing Splashes

IDS unYOUsual U Transformer Folding City Bike

Every regular biker is going to travel over wet or muddy terrain at some point. And, if you’re in your work clothes, that’s kind of a problem. That’s why people love the IDS unYOUusual U Transformer bike: It has tire caps in the front and back to help protect you from road muck.

The bike also has six speeds and a rack for cargo on the back. A notable downside, though: It’s 42 pounds, which is pretty hefty.

Reviewer rave: “Well worth the price,” a fan wrote. “It folds up easily and can fit in my trunk.”

  • Mud flaps in front and back.


Best Multi-Speed Bike

Eurobike 26 Inch Mountain Bike Folding Bicycle

Want a lot of gears? This bike has a 21-speed shifting system (no, not a typo).  It’s also a mountain bike, making it idea; for hitting the trail and your daily commute. A double-disc braking system also helps keep you safe when you need to stop.

Reviewer rave: “The bike is well-designed. It’s really easy to fold but rides as sturdy as a non-foldable bike. You can easily fit it in your trunk or backseat.”


Best Pre-Assembled Option

KESPOR K7 Folding Bike

A common gripe from folding bike purchasers is that you have to actually assemble your bike after it arrives. This one shows up at your door ready to go!  It offers seven speeds and has great features, like folding pedals and a sizable carrying rack in the back.

Plus, the bike also adjusts to fit most riders from 5 feet to over 6 feet tall.

Reviewer rave: “This bike is just what I needed. It’s light, portable, and convenient to use whenever I need it. Nicely constructed.”
—W. Tse,

  • Rear storage
  • Ready to Ride


Best for Easy Assembly

Goplus 7-Speed Folding Bike

Don’t want to spend a ton of time building your bike? The Goplus is here for you. Reviewers rave about how simple it is to put together.

The Goplus is made of a sturdy iron frame and features ergonomic, anti-slip handles to keep you comfy during long commutes or leisurely rides. Seven speeds help you to find the gear that’s right for you, while non-slip tires keep you feeling solid on the ground, even on slick roads.

The whole thing also folds up in three steps.

Reviewer rave: “It was very easy to assemble. It took me five minutes.”

  • 178-pound weight capacity


Best Electric Bike

Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and let your bike do the work for you. That’s what you get with the electric Ancheer, which allows you to pedal when you want to and (basically) drive when you don’t. The 21-speed mountain bike can travel up to 15 miles per hour and has sizable 26-inch wheels that can handle rough terrain.

Reviewer rave: “I had VERY low expectations and hoped this bike would be even just ok, but it is AMAZING. I find it would be hard to go back to a normal bike after this.”


Best Mountain Bike

Xspec Folding Mountain Bike

With 26-inch wheels and 21 speeds, you can do—and cover—a lot with this bike. Strong brakes help you stop when you need to, while front and rear shock absorbers help keep you comfortable, no matter what kind of bumps you’re riding over.

Oh, and the whole thing folds up in 15 seconds.

Reviewer rave: “I really love this bike. I wanted a folding mountain bike that could fit in the trunk of my sedan so I wouldn’t have to hook up a bulky, ugly bike rack onto the back of my car. This has been perfect for the job. When I meet up with friends and get my bike out, they are stunned that a folding bike can look so good.”


Most Inclusive Carrying Capacity

Eurobike SL-G6 Mountain Bike

While some folding bikes have very limited weight capacities, this Eurobike comfortably carries up to 320 pounds. It also accommodates a wide range of heights, from just over 5 feet to just over 6 feet. The bike also has a solid disc braking system (compared to the traditional V-brake), so you can slow down quickly when you need to.

Reviewer rave: “It is a really nice bike.” Simple and to-the-point.


Speediest Mountain Bike

VNBRED Outroad Foldable Mountain Bike

You have places to go, and you want to get there ASAP. This mountain bike has the usual 21 speeds and 26-inch wheels, but its lightweight magnesium wheels help it move at lightning speed.

High-carbon steel mountain bike dual shock mounts also absorb impact to keep you comfortable while you cruise. Users say the bike has a great construction.

Reviewer rave: “Frame design is nice…My kids think it looks awesome.”


Best Commuter

Citizen Miami Bike

You’ll feel pretty cool biking around town in this baby. It’s stylish and has a distinctly Euro vibe going on. An adjustable seat and handlebars help you find the height that’s right for you, while six speeds allow you to cruise comfortably on most roads.

The whole thing folds up pretty effortlessly, so you can focus on getting to work (or your coffee date) on time.

Reviewer rave: “This bike is freaking incredible. I drive a small car and wanted something I can bike around different cities with and this is perfect. The engineering is genius. It’s easy to assemble even right out of the box. I am super excited! Like a kid on Christmas.”
—Michelle C.,

  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Only accommodates riders up to six feet tall


Most Affordable

Columba PR20S1 Folding Bike

Need a bike to get you to the store and back? The Columba is perfect for you. This bike gets props for its small profile and simple features, but you’ll still enjoy six speeds and handlebar brakes, along with an adjustable seat and handlebars.

Reviewer rave: “This is a great bike! I like to put it in the trunk of my car.”

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